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William Felch

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Ive always been the one to want to create. In fine art I never really found a happy medium or technique. I like to constantly use something the “wrong” way to create a visual experience that is completely different to what i’ve seen before. Anyway I can express my ideas visually if its drawing, painting or sculpture, the out come will be original and thought evoking.


Seeing the potential in making a living at creating and telling a visual story i began to learn about design and its many applications. From print, to web design and even in to video production and motion graphics. The principles apply to all the mediums, its learning the process and applying the right touches to tell the story.


I like to be told I cant, thats the wrong way, that wont work. Theres no better motivation and driving force of knowing that the cards are stacked against my ideas or outlook, and then prevailing and showing, that hey theres more than one path through this landscape. I think out side the box. I take the projects that scare the rest of you and make it happen.

"Have no fear of perfection,
You'll NEVER reach it."


The Ramblings of a Mad Man



Every now and then, you just need to reset, recalibrate and just realign yourself with the universe. So we packed a few bags, charged a few cameras and we headed west. 13 states in 7 days 4116 miles lets go!

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Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Portrait Series.

Always looking to sharpen my skills and evolve my portfolio, i looked to the Pitbulls at the Palace for inspiration.

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Theres so much that a pitties face says to you at just a short glance. They all have a story, they all have a personality and for the most part they think that black clicking thing in front of my face is sketchy as hell!. Haha, so with out any further ado, i present you the Forlorn Palace Crew.


tribal on black tonya Stubbs Stella squiggy on black orion Luke kev Juice jody jiggy holly gweebie ginger eva base



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Korn Mayhem Fest Atlanta.

Korn Live footage captured at Rockstar Mayhem Fest Atlanta 2014, edited to the album version of the track (my audio was shot TOO CLOSE!! ;-) )


Draw With Me, Fall Water Color Course.

With the great success my first “DRAW WITH ME” charcoal drawing course, we’ve decided to add a Fall after school session as well. 

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This time around we’ll be learning to draw from printed images, learning to layout an image, shade and perfect the image. Once our drawing is laid out we will add some color and vibrant life to the piece with our water colors. This class will double as both a drawing course and an introduction to color and color theory ( i know it sounds like it might be difficult….but it wont be..I PROMISE!!)


Water colors are a very forgiving medium. I find its easier and more excitable for younger minds to learn with water colors than any other paint medium. We’ll be creating any where from 1-3 pieces per class. Any young artist who wants to learn more and really experiment with mixing mediums and adding color, will love these classes.

The updated schedule is as follows

The Details:

Courses are open to all ages above 7.

Starting September 2nd

Tuesday nights from 530 to 730pm

This is a 10 week Course

Courses are prices are as follows

$300.00 for all 10 classes upfront ($30.00 per 2 hour class)

$50.00 by the week

We will be creating on water color stock and using water color paints, as well as colored pencils and some charcoal. All of which will be supplied.

Below are a few examples of what we might create in class.


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Does the student have any experience? If so tell me about it, if not..no problem!!


Welcome to Forlorn

A visual storytelling of the trip from the Pound to the Palace.

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This is the first piece in a series of animations to bring the poetry of Jason Flatt to life. Jason is the one making it all happen at the Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue out of Dallas Ga. He found that as the times get tough, and the days grow long he has to keep pushing and has to make a difference. Writing his poetry allows him to express his emotions in a way he never thought possible. This year he released a book containing a portion of his works. I thought what better way to bring more exposure to the work and the cause of FTTF than to create a visual representation of the poems, and really bring the audience along the joinery, show them Jasons words…let them actually see what it takes to rescue one dog. Stay tuned, this is our journey to Save The Pits.



My set of captures Korn from the Atlanta Stop of the 2014 Rockstar Mayhem Fest. Check It.

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Korn put on a spectacular set at Mayhem this year in Atlanta, i was very fortunate enough to be able to cover the whole set from the edge of the stage.. Great show!.


Prints Available upon request.  Copyright ©2014 WombatFire


Sidestages Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest 2014 Atlanta

My set of captures form the Atlanta Stop of the 2014 Rockstar Mayhem Fest. Check It.

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Prints Available upon request.  Copyright ©2014 WombatFire


#TheOneAndOlnyPoopFace GoPro Edit

An afternoon with my favorite Stafordshire out on the Chattahoochee River. All GoPro Hero3 Black footage.  

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