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William Felch

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Ive always been the one to want to create. In fine art I never really found a happy medium or technique. I like to constantly use something the “wrong” way to create a visual experience that is completely different to what i’ve seen before. Anyway I can express my ideas visually if its drawing, painting or sculpture, the out come will be original and thought evoking.


Seeing the potential in making a living at creating and telling a visual story i began to learn about design and its many applications. From print, to web design and even in to video production and motion graphics. The principles apply to all the mediums, its learning the process and applying the right touches to tell the story.


I like to be told I cant, thats the wrong way, that wont work. Theres no better motivation and driving force of knowing that the cards are stacked against my ideas or outlook, and then prevailing and showing, that hey theres more than one path through this landscape. I think out side the box. I take the projects that scare the rest of you and make it happen.

"Have no fear of perfection,
You'll NEVER reach it."


I made this

The Ramblings of a Mad Man

“Studio” Sessions-||- Tom & Jerry

From the first moment i saw images of these two rescued pups online i wanted to link up with them and capture their personalities.

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TOM AND JERRY, these two are striking to say the very least. They are from the same litter and are seriously co dependent on one another. They are seriously Ying and Yang, a great duo and bring an amazing energy to the room when they enter. They are both up for adoption, together now through Friends to the Forlorn. Visit their site now to get info on these two. 

Studio Sessions -||- Terriers

January 2015 was my first month in my new studio space. I decided that every month ill be doing a personal session in my new space to showcase my own work and to continue to learn more techniques and to better my compositions as a whole.

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  For the first session i decided to bring in my pack of furry counterparts and flash some light in their faces. Pretty pleased with the out come. I hope you enjoy.

Brother Hawk live at the Tabernacle.

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Sevendust @Terminal West: King Plow Atlanta

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When Sevendust comes to Atlanta, you go to the show no matter what! Touring to support their new crowd-funded acoustic album – Time Travelers & Bonfires. It’s always a great time and inspiring to watch a group of artists put forth so much passion into their craft. Cant wait to see whats next from 7D.



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Powerman 5000 Atlanta 2014

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Captures from Powerman 5000s set at 120 Tavern Nov 21st 2014.


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Draw With Me || Winter Portrait Session

With the great success of my last two Draw With Me art classes at Your Fired Creations in Douglasville, were getting ready to start our next session in January.

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This session we’ll be drawing portriats, both people and animal with different mediums on different types o surfaces. One day we may be doing charcoal on paper the next class we may be doing pastel on board. As with all of my classes this is a very open laid back environment to learn and create. Most young artist mearly need the environment and the time to express their ideas on paper freely and they learn on their own how to create the image they see in their head, but when the situation arrises they need direction input and a little bit of help i’ll be there to guid the rest of the way.

The updated schedule is as follows

The Details:

Courses are open to all ages above 7.

Starting January 6th

Tuesday nights from 530 to 730pm

This is a 10 week Course that will wrap on March 10th.

Courses are prices are as follows

$300.00 for all 10 classes upfront ($30.00 per 2 hour class)

$50.00 by the week

The Where:

Your Fired Creations in Douglasville, Ga.

We will be creating on different surfaces and papers with pencils, pastels as well as colored pencils. All of which will be supplied.

Below are a few examples of what we might create in class.


 Here are some photos of our past classes. 



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Gojira @The Tabernacle Nov 7 2014

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And here are ALL the images I shot  that night in motion, (*498 images all together between my DSLR and GoPro)

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Every now and then, you just need to reset, recalibrate and just realign yourself with the universe. So we packed a few bags, charged a few cameras and we headed west. 13 states in 7 days 4116 miles lets go!

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